Wednesday, August 12

Steampunk Love

I've been on a steampunk tangent; ever since buying my lovely [what I call] steampunk wallet, (which is fabulous, by the way), I've been digging through the web for more design and deals. This is a style that I truly want to emulate, and though my mom rolled her eyes when I told her I was going to start making my own clothes, it's the easiest way to wear what you want (if you have time and a bit of talent). I swear I will make time and should have enough talent for this. Plus, it's right up my alley with the DIY and thrift finds lifestyle I have. Here's a few pics of things that I've found yummy to the eye [that I would actually wear! I've long had various loves of fashion and they were divided into two parts; things I loved and would wear, and things that looked nice but could never see myself in].

Jumpers. Cute! I'd make mine a bit longer at the bottom [I'm 5'11 with a ridiculous torso]. Perfect for hotter days when a steampunk long jacket would give you heatstroke.

Pants that dont stick to your sides. Yay!

I've always been a fan of long jackets--- just not in the 'have to be black, Hot Topic' kind of way. Steampunk is the clothes I've wanted without knowing it my entire life. Plus, the colors look great on me.

I found this darling on Etsy. I love the simplicity of it but would like to the add a few things to it. I highly suggest you check out SWAK's shop, though. Lots of nice things in it, with designs that I never thought of. Great inspiration.

While I have a love-hate relationship with the hyper-feminine [lace, ruffles, dresses, diamonds, makeup. etc], this may be the perfect balance of it [with maybe a little less ruffle]. It's sexy without being revealing, plus, I love that corset.... boustier. :]

Another sweet coat. I like how it drops in the back. I would've actually bought this one but the 4 buckles on the back turned me off. It was restraint-trashy. Didnt go well with the excellent design on the front.

Loved the overall design of this photo. The shoe covers [I'm not sure what they're called] are especially cute.

Harness! This would be awesome with a little jacket over it. In my living room, we have leather chairs with ottomans that are this shade and wear. If my parents ever wonder where the missing ottoman's gone, I hope they dont stop paying my tuition D:

Granny boots, so they're called. I love these, not sure I fit in them, or would pay 65$ for "vintage" [really?], but if you buy them I'll kill you ... just because I can.

What's steampunk without keys and clocks? An beautiful find from Etsy.

Love. Good Etsy shop overall.

The great thing about steampunk is that you dont have to stick to the 'typical' time frame of Victorian/Edwardian periods where most steampunk fashion lies ... you can mix and match with other time periods or whatever your likes are. Another great love of mine is the attitude and fashion of the Roaring 20s; the slinky dresses, the kinked hair, the tassles, the coats, the long pearl strands and most of all, the Cloche hats. I was made in the wrong time, people. No hats today fit this head. My S.O. is the same way. We both have 23 + some inch heads, so Cloche hats are perfect because they're made to be worn low on the forehead, so they're bound to be big enough [plus, independent artists who make these do it custom anyway, so you can tell them to fit yo' head]. HatsByDenise is a definite favorite of mine. I've trolled through all the "flapper hats" that Etsy could throw at me, and she was definitely the best. Her stuff wasnt knitted like everyone elses, plus she has a huge selection. What more can you ask for?

These are my loves, what are yours?


*Inspired-Angie* said...

I love the keys!

Lrc said...

I love the jackets...and I agree with you about the dropped back of the one. I've always loved jackets,you should see how many I have. There are some wonderful steam punk shops on Etsy--one of my faves is AmongTheRuins.