Saturday, August 8

Look What I Has :}

Silver Seahorse Cigarette Case Credit Card Holder By Cosmic Firefly

Yes, you may ooooooh and ahhhhh now :}

My steampunk cig holder [that I will use as a wallet & business card holder] is in the mail to me as we speak--- well, I type and you read.

Funny thing is [well, there's a few funny things] ... this seller lives in the same town (it's Vegas, so who knows how far), and I wasnt really even looking for this item. In my boredom I just happened to search for steampunk gear on Etsy and a few pages in, BAM, here was this beauty. Yes it was more than I would've paid for a 4 inch piece of folding metal otherwise, but its beauty and function blew me away, plus, there isnt many items like it [believe me, I looked]. I proceeded to haggle the shipping down because he was only sending it across town, so I felt a little better because I got a bit better of a deal, but I'll tell you, I would've bought it anyway if he'd said no.

It has two clasps on either side so I can have my stuff on one end and my business cards on the other. I'll have fun whipping this thing out and have others marvel at it. What can I say that I havent already; I was in love when I first saw it. I DONT do this often; the last 'OOOOHHH I WANT' purchase was an-atleast 45 year old $20 army footlocker find at a Goodwill 2 years ago... which I then stuck on a plane across the country. This piece says "me;" hot, sleek, shiny, rustic, multipurpose, oceanic, steampunk.

If you'd like a hot piece of steampunk awesomeness, check out Cosmic Firefly's Etsy shop.

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