Sunday, August 9

June & July Stats

Well, we have to say that the summer sales in general can be summed up in one word : depressing. With 3 sales in June & another whopping 3 sales in July, we were really starting to wonder what had happened to the world. Did the "economic CRISIS" leave everyone living in boxes, or just foregoing cuteness? This summary wont be too exciting we dont think, but I like looking at charts, so here we go.

I know you cant read that, but it says that my peak visit was 132 people on July 18th. All the low places were where I was on vacation ^^ But we still did managed to get around 20 people in each day even though I wasnt advertising or hitting the forumns.

We like seeing where our visitors come from, but it's definitely no surprise that we get the most visitors from the US. Just proves in graph form how much of our lives we waste away in front of a computer screen. What's cool to note is that the majority of our orders ship to the US & UK, which is always fun. ...until you get a $7 shipping bill D:

A more detailed country breakdown. Australia's starting to visit us more. Yay!

This shows how people find us, where they came from before us, and what they searched for to find us. The most entertaining entry so far has been "butt freckles". True story.

More detailed breakdown of referral sites, though you probably cant read that at all. It's important to us though because we get to see how effective our advertising is.

This shows the times of day that our peak visits come from. They usually corrolate to when I'm on chat the most, but not always. Latest nights are usually the highest, but I've been trying to hit all time schedules and see what works best. Right now 9am is the winner with noon & 8pm close behind.

Glad you had fun checking charts with us. August is already starting to pick up with 3 sales and triple digit visits, so we're hoping for more excitement the next time around.


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