Saturday, August 8

'God Hates Reno,' But Loves Us

God Hates Reno is a great tongue-and-cheek way that we [the gay community] like to respond to things like, by giving it our own little spin and highlighting all the great and blasphemous things Reno NV has to offer. They were happy to give us a nice review. Check them out; you're sure to laugh.

* * *

Artist Spotlight: Geek-Cute and Nerd-Kitsch

This is not an ass-kiss to the powers-that-be at Facebook, but I’ve met a lot of interesting people there since my arrival…

…of which has been Charlene and Gina, co-proprietors of Argenta Collaborative, local gals extraordinaire, fans of grassroots nerddom, and interested in making sure your refrigerator is properly magneted, your desk decorated and your lapels properly adorned with the proper gear.

Their reasonably-priced, totally impractical and adoarable handmade pieces give nod to nostalgia and 8-bit awesomeness, something I’m partial to, myself. There’s also a small collection of photographs, stencil art and other bits, again, all reasonably priced. Your dorm room or office cubicle never had it so good.

They deliever under certain circumstances (UNR only, I believe) and have free shipping to just about anywhere on the west coast. Give these Reno girls some encouragement by visiting our buddies La Bussola and picking up their creations or visiting their website and pick something up for you, or someone you know! They’ll even do some customization if you’re really, really nice.

- GR

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