Tuesday, August 18

Autumn is Coming

Fading Flowers Print (5x7) by us

It seems like just yesterday I was drumming my head against the wall trying to come up with ways to pass the 3 month summer hell in Las Vegas. Now I leave in 4 days to go back to school and couldnt be happier for a change of scenery, new classes and cooler weather.

I made a down beat playlist, because I'm usually more mellow in the latter parts of the year. I may have landed a $50 sewing machine from Craiglist. If that's the case then I'll start making clothes sooner than I planned ;] I'm also prepping for more stitching and things to keep you warm this winter, because if you're farther north [and have snow] like me, you like your hands to be warm at all times. My library job seems pretty laid back, the perfect place to get some crafting or homework in. I'm not gonna let my 16 credits, pool and jobs keep me from keeping the shop up [Gina's promised the same, but she has around 19 credits. yikes]

That's about the updates for now. All my stuff's packed so I cant make anything. Sniff.

Til Saturday, stay crafty out there.



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