Saturday, June 13

Google Analytics :]

Coolest thing ever. Ever.
Here's a little bit of what's been going on since the shop's creation.

Top 10 visiting countries in the world... or, a graphical representation of how much America sits on their ass. Yay Canada for 100+ views! Go UK!

South Dakota wouldnt visit me for forever. That just changed recently. They were the last state to visit. I threw a party with myself afterwards :]

It's been a pretty close race with 2nd - 5th place til California spent some serious time with my shop :] I feel like I should start doing sales for certain states when they hit 100 views [every buyer from that state gets free shipping/ 10% off. What do you think?]

This one was just for fun ^^

Mesha's great, and a better blogger than me. Check her out @

Keep that browsing up! Tomorrow ends the Yart Sale!!

We've Been Spotted!

We like when people blog about us :] So we were totally pysched when a simple google search popped up 2 sites that we hadnt plugged our site to. Check it out :]

Little-Chrissy's Blog
Lycos Classifieds

Thursday, June 4

Weekend Artist Intro, Blue Scholars

Since my dreams to DJ our college radio station may come to a head, I'd like to intro you to music I listen to, and think you should give a try. Sometimes I'll do artists, and sometimes there'lle be set lists.
First up is Blue Scholars. This is what hiphop should sound like. They're from Seattle, and that's all you need to explain their awesomeness. Good beats, full and meaningful lyrics. Good stuff. Check em out. Here are my 5 favorites.

For more of their stuff, go HERE or HERE.

You Complete Me, Donkey Kong!

We've entered a new phase at the shop. First, we kinda killed the "everything's under $15!" mottto we had going on... mostly because I didnt want to limit the potential earnings we had for sake of our products, and secondly, because I just added items that took the time to cost alittle more. We've started cross stitching here at ArgentCollaborative, and I'm excited how they turned out. We have a tetris love-themed 4x6 and an awesome Donkey Kong 5x7. Both come in their respective frames and can be enjoyed anywhere. If you like what you see, visit HERE for Tetris and HERE for DK.

Tuesday, June 2

Etsy's 2nd Annual YART Sale is Coming!

Art + Yard Sale = Yart! Get it? Our store is offering FREE SHIPPING on orders $15 and over, and with our prices, your deals will add up fast! Have you been pining after something in particular? Well now's your chance to own it! Get ready, cuz the 10th isnt far away!

ArgentaCo.'s Painted Tile Collection

It's been a year since these tiles were excavated from a trash pile in Reno, Nevada and painted [with a bit of mistake thrown in] to create beautiful and original pieces. They've been given new life after being hauled out of an old shower, to bring enjoyment to a corner of your space. Available currently in acrylic blue and green, each tile has been doted on, and been given concentration to create the best form. With 5 layers of varnish and polyurethane on top, it is strong enough to be used as a coaster or endure some bumping. Each is individually signed and numbered, and carefully shipped. I've found that dark colors mixed with black create the best pieces, and I also have some available in violet. Dont miss out on these beautiful one-of-a-kind items.

My Favorite Blogs

* Feministing -
Everything you wished you had learned about in your Women's Studies 101 class. From the good to the bad, legislation to fads, everything, all under a feminist lens.

* Instrumental Analysis -
A music blog based out of indie powerhouse regions of the US, showcasing the finest in underground and indie music. And -gasp!- you can download stuff from them, for free! -sshhhhh-

* Green is the New Red -
America is currently targeting its biggest threat--- activists. Read all about it.

* PostSecret -
Well, duh, who doesnt like PostSecret?

* GNN -
Like CNN---- but with actual news. Stuff you wont hear about on the corporate mind-slosh channels.

* Apartment Therapy -
Enriching lives, one room at a time. Check out their links too; theKitchn, OhDeeDoh, re-nest, and unplggd are excellent.

* (The funny, time-wasting blogs)
For everything that fails in the world -
LOLcats -
FMyLife -

First blog :]

After many initial attempts to have a blog (and actually put something in it), welcome to my third try. This blog will host my Etsy efforts (and others'), eventual rantings, and anything else that I love, discover, and pine for. Enjoy.