Tuesday, June 2

My Favorite Blogs

* Feministing -
Everything you wished you had learned about in your Women's Studies 101 class. From the good to the bad, legislation to fads, everything, all under a feminist lens.

* Instrumental Analysis -
A music blog based out of indie powerhouse regions of the US, showcasing the finest in underground and indie music. And -gasp!- you can download stuff from them, for free! -sshhhhh-

* Green is the New Red -
America is currently targeting its biggest threat--- activists. Read all about it.

* PostSecret -
Well, duh, who doesnt like PostSecret?

* GNN -
Like CNN---- but with actual news. Stuff you wont hear about on the corporate mind-slosh channels.

* Apartment Therapy -
Enriching lives, one room at a time. Check out their links too; theKitchn, OhDeeDoh, re-nest, and unplggd are excellent.

* (The funny, time-wasting blogs)
For everything that fails in the world - failblog.org
LOLcats - http://icanhascheezburger.com/
FMyLife - http://www.fmylife.com/

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