Saturday, June 13

Google Analytics :]

Coolest thing ever. Ever.
Here's a little bit of what's been going on since the shop's creation.

Top 10 visiting countries in the world... or, a graphical representation of how much America sits on their ass. Yay Canada for 100+ views! Go UK!

South Dakota wouldnt visit me for forever. That just changed recently. They were the last state to visit. I threw a party with myself afterwards :]

It's been a pretty close race with 2nd - 5th place til California spent some serious time with my shop :] I feel like I should start doing sales for certain states when they hit 100 views [every buyer from that state gets free shipping/ 10% off. What do you think?]

This one was just for fun ^^

Mesha's great, and a better blogger than me. Check her out @

Keep that browsing up! Tomorrow ends the Yart Sale!!

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